manual DMV records

We are able to process most driving history checks on U.S. and Canadian licenses automatically online. However, if your driving record is held in a non-participating state or province, you will need to contact the motor vehicle records department directly to obtain your record. Below is information for obtaining records from these states and provinces.

Once you have your record, please fax it directly to us at:

Member Services

fax 1-800-818-8439
Be sure to write "Zipcar Application" on the top of your fax!

United States

Puerto Rico:

You may mail your request to Puerto Rico along with a money order for $1.50. Providing all of the following information will prevent delays in receiving your information: Mail a letter containing the following information: 1- Complete name (as shown on the PR driver's license 2- Social Security number 3- PR driver's license number 4- Birth date 5- Actual postal address of the individual 6- Purpose for ordering the record 7- Copy of identification (Or copy of applicant’s written consent to access their record.) 8- Money order by the amount of $1.50 to name of "Secretario de Hacienda" 9- Your mailing address Mail the request and a money order to this address: Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas Directoría de Servicios al Conductor División de Servicios P.O. Box 41243 San Juan, PR 00940 For more information you can call (787) 296-0289, 296-0290 or 296-0291. Make sure to also include a copy of your license from Puerto Rico when sending us your driving record.

State Department:

Simply choose "State Department" as your Driver's License State in the application. If your State Department license has been issued within the past year, you will need to obtain the driver history associated with your previous license.

Virgin Islands:

Please obtain a copy of your driving record from the Virgin Islands Police Department and send it with a copy of your driver's license.



Bring a Driver Abstract Consent form to a registry agent office (Note: This form will not load in Chrome. Please use another browser).

If you are outside of Alberta and wish to designate someone else to obtain your abstract for you:
1. Fill out the Driver Abstract Consent form, give it to your designee
2. He/She must fill out the Driver Abstract Statement of Intent form, and bring both (the Intent and the Consent forms) to a registry agent office.
3. He/she can obtain the record from the office and mail/fax it to us, or request it be mailed directly from the office.

The base fee for these abstracts is $11. Each registry agent has different service fees. Not all agents take credit cards. Below is a list of offices that do accept credit cards:

Calgary: A+ Registry Services (403) 288 3333
Lethbridge: Western License + Registry Services (403)420 1030
Edmonton: Network Registries Alberta Inc. (780) 435 7800

British Columbia:

This will just take a minute of your time:

1. Contact the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

  • From Greater Victoria, call 250-978-8300
  • From Lower Mainland, call 604-661-2255
  • From outside British Columbia, but within North America call 800-663-3051 (option 3)
  • If you are outside North America call (collect) 250-978-8300

2. Ask the representative to email your driving record and claims history letter to

  • You will be asked to provide your license number and answer a few security questions

3. We will notify you of the status of your application within one to three business days.

If you prefer, you can ask the ICBC to send the information to you, and then you can email or fax it to us at 1-617-936-4871.


For instructions on obtaining your Manitoba Driver Record, please visit the website through the link below:

When you request your Quebec driving record, it will be mailed to your address on file with the SAAQ. Be sure to request an English copy, or else you will have to get the French copy translated and notarized.


To obtain a Driver Abstract, SGI requires a written request from you providing your full name, date of birth and Saskatchewan driver's licence number (if available). The request must also include the applicant's signature.

If requesting by mail, please forward the request and payment of $10 to:
SGI - Driver Abstracts
2260 - 11th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 2N7.

Payment by cheque or money order is made payable to SGI. If you would prefer to fax your request, please fax to (306) 775-6681. Payment, if faxing your request, may be made by either VISA or MasterCard (please include your credit card number and expiry date on your request). PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR RETURN FAX NUMBER ON YOUR REQUEST.

For complete details:

Yukon Territory:

Fax a request (include your DOB, driver's license number, phone number, VISA credit card number and expiration date, signature, and the fax number to which you would like your record sent) to: (867) 393 6220.

Questions? Contact (867) 667-5315 or 1-800-661-0408 local 5315 (toll free within Yukon).